Have you ever thought about securing your personal data, documents or photo storage? When you least expect it, your hard drive breaks or a virus hacks your information and you loose all your videos and digital files. We all know someone who has lost their work documents or wedding photos, but these things only happen to other people, right? You know that's not true. Start protecting your digital life offline with Glyphstock.

Better with Glyphstock


Find the ideal documents or photos storage solution for personal use at Glyphstock. A confidential & long-lasting data archiving system with a guaranteed return. Encryption and storage on optical disc is the combination that provides the highest levels of security in the market.


Forever is a long time but Glyphstock can guard your data for decades


All data is kept encrypted


We preserve and safeguard your data in our data center, offering comprehensive protection against all types of risks and threats.


The data is saved with a key, either from the client or randomly created by the system. In this way the customer becomes the only one able to read and retrieve it.

How does it work

Through our application and they will travel to our server through an encrypted channel. Through our App, you can create data albums, giving them a title, description and cover page. You will automatically generate the content index. The best way to remember everything you kept.

Thanks to our robotic system, they are encrypted

Your digital files will be transferred to your optical disc as soon as you close the copy in the Glyphstock application and we will guard it, under the password you set. At all times safe from viruses, hackers, human failures… Also, you can ask for a copy for you and you can ask us to keep another additional copy in a different geographical place.

You can recover your files in physical copies, you can even send them to other people, with the guarantee that the data will be encrypted and can only be displayed with your password.

What is Glyphstock for

  • Save your digital photo album forever. Your memories will be completely safe with Glyphstock for decades.

  • Do you have a medical history to keep intact for life? Glyphstock provides you with the highest safety standard in the industry.

  • Scan everything you can not lose: contracts, medical tests, photos, titles and diplomas; income statements, important documents ...

  • Enter the Glyphstock App and follow the steps to save them in an optical media that Glyphstock will store in its data center for as long as you need it.