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Amazon Music closes: another example of the volatility that characterizes online file systems.

As of April 30, 2018 Amazon music users will have to find another way to store their music because Amazon music ceases to operate permanently. On this occasion, from Glyphstock we wanted to look at a fact that may not be a big problem for the survival of any of Amazon Music's clients, but it is one more example of how volatile online file systems are.

Glyphstock is in a position to comment on this event because it offers an offline storage service cold (cold storage) governed by a robotic system that allows encrypt and save on optical media a huge volume of digital data individually and privately for decades and offers its customers the possibility of having unalterable and indelible copy of everything in the most reliable and durable optical discs in the industry.

The offer of Glyphstock is fully scalable and therefore it is put at the service of large companies, SMEs and self-employed or private individuals. It seems that the individuals are the protagonists of this event and for that reason we wanted to invite you to know the app of our file system

The Glyphstock app is perfect for transmitting data through encrypted channels as they are generated, whether documents, images, video or audio files such as music tracks that Amazon Music customers used to save. Our app is an authentic data library and at the same time a high security station for the transmission of them. In addition, Glyphstock users can share their files with other people and other people make their contributions to them.

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