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Patent and certifications guarantee Glyphstock


Glyphstock is certified in all existing certifications that demonstrate the strength and safety of the company, the service it offers and the technology created.

At this time, Glyphstock is in patent process for its robotic system, which is at the same time the heart and gear of its off-line data storage service on optical disc. In essence, it confers automation and security to the service.

In March all the documentation was submitted to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and currently the file is processed and in process.

In a few months the resolution will come out and we will have this patent that we will add to the certifications that have been granted to Glyphstock for complying with the levels of security and quality necessary in the work of digital data archiving:

Glyphstock has been evaluated and certified in ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001: 2014 and ISO 14641-1: 2015. A whole list of endorsements of the efficiency and security of the Glyphstock service.

At Glyphstock we are aware of the importance of safeguarding the data of our customers. For this reason we treat them as sensitive data and once they enter our system, they can always count on the highest levels of security in the industry. That is why we also take care of obtaining all the guarantees of quality and safety that transmit the tranquility that our clients need to be able to focus on strengthening their businesses.

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