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With Glyphstock your data would remain safe


The IT sector experienced a year-end 2017 and the beginning of 2018 somewhat moved by the scandal of Intel processors.

The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich , could not offer peace of mind, could not guarantee that it would not happen again ... There is no talk of consequences in specific companies but he sold his shares and on February 17, 2018 Intel already had 32 demands for the vulnerability of Specter and Meltdown in its processors ...

Five months later it happened again: new holes have been discovered of security. Researchers at Specter and Meltdown have detected eight new vulnerabilities in the Intel processors that come from the previous ones.

The new gaps show that "Specter" and "Meltdown" were not a one-time slip that could be solved with some patches. As the Scmidt expert said "... an endless flood of patches is not an acceptable solution due to the fact that Intel implemented performance optimizations without enough security concept twenty years ago." He also demanded that Intel reconsider the CPU design to have a stable IT infrastructure.

According to the magazine "c't", the new attack scenarios are similar to the gaps that came to light in January. "However, one of the new gaps makes attacking across the boundaries of the system much easier."

 In case someone is starting to look for the way to have the information at least duplicated and stored in a safe place, away from the cloud and even outside the computer, Glyphstock presents the solution to save the most sensitive data offline.

Glyphstock is the first optical storage service that encrypts and saves the data individually in optical media as many years as necessary, preserving them immune to any type of manipulation or elimination. All thanks to its high security certified robotic system.

Glyphstock has been evaluated and certified in ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001: 2014 and ISO 14641-1: 2015 for its high quality and safety levels in digital data archives.