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In line with the parents of the encryption


At Glyphstock we are curious about everything that happens in the data storage market and we like to post about what sheds light on the way forward at a time when data security is as vital as it is delicate.

In Glyphstock we follow the track and pay attention to the opinions and analysis of the encryption or encryption of the parents (Anglicism that is often used as a synonym). Silvio Micali, Ronald Rivest and Shafi Goldwasser have won the Frontiers of Knowledge Award in ICT of the BBVA Foundation and give their opinion on the current use of encryption.

It is very interesting to highlight and highlight two of your comments:

'Have you been surprised by the proliferation of cyber attacks? Not me, because there is a big gap between what can be done technologically and what companies do, 'says Ronald Rivest.

'There are many ways in which we can fight against cybercrime. First, by distributing decision-making, 'says Micali.

Following these statements of such illustrious mathematicians, we dare to say that Glyphstock has landed the encryption or encryption in one of those things that 'companies can do technologically speaking' (paraphrasing Rivest) and precisely, in part, is to fight against cybercrime because that distribution of decision-making that Micali talks about is possible with Glyphstock: each authorized worker of each company can use Glyphstock's APP to organize their files, encrypt them and leave them ready for their custody and offline geographic relocation in Optical Discs.

Glyphstock comes to shape a realistic and offline solution aimed at meeting current needs in terms of secure data storage.