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Protect the data is an added value for the company


"The investment in security is no longer perceived by companies as an exclusively defensive aspect, but as a way to facilitate and promote the growth of the company."

These are the words of Elena Maestre, responsible for Technological Risks at PwC, when the latest global survey on the state of Information Security prepared by the prestigious consulting firm was published.

The data indicate that the average budget that Spanish companies dedicate to cybersecurity has already reached this 2016 at 3.67 million euros on average, 26% more than four years ago. This increase is attributed to the intense digitalization process that businesses and companies are carrying out, and translates into the fact that investment in cybersecurity is bearing fruit: between 2012 and 2015, the number of cyber attacks suffered by Spanish companies on average grew by 2, 7 to 4.6. Now they have fallen to 2.8 incidents/year.

Leading the ranking of the most 'stolen' is strategic information such as financial, plans, documents related to acquisitions or mergers, and the capture of emails. In short: data.

How ​​can we help you?

Encrypting and storing your most valuable data offline and in the long term. At Glifstock we are ready to convert your digital heritage into affordable, decipherable and recoverable information just for you. But meanwhile these files (glyphs that you can customize thematically and / or temporarily) will be perfectly guarded in our storage robots - of originals and copies, as a precaution - in safe and energy efficient places.

At Glifstock we are engineers, developers and experts in robotics, yes. But above all we are generators and holders of data that we do not want to lose. That we do not lose anymore. And we have turned our need into a useful product and service for you.