Data storage news


How much important data do you intend to lose this year?


Probably more than you would like. The good news is that at Glifstock we have developed the best and safest solution for storing what really matters to you.

You still do not know our App?

Well, you should, because it is the application with which we will safeguard your digital life with total security and confidentiality. The latest version already available in Glifstock is the most refined to date, and allows you to create glyphs (folders) of up to 1 TB for Business contracts, search through hashtags... in addition to improve packaging and data upload.

With our App you can create as many Glyphs as you need, and group the data to be stored in them. Each one identifies with a graphic cover of your choice (a photo, image, logo...) and an identifying title, descriptions, and # with which the search may be easier and more comfortable.

The App generates on the files dragged to the Glyph a catalog with all the files added (something like the index of the saved data). Finally, the user can encrypt these data with industry encryption standards, guaranteeing confidentiality.

And it's ready!. The App is responsible for packaging, encrypting and transporting the glyph data to the Glifstock optical archive. It also allows you to request a physical copy recorded on a Blu-ray disc, which we will send you by mail to the indicated address. This way you will have direct control over your data and the support that our storage system offers you for decades.

Where do your managed data go with the App?

To an ultra-secure place, energetically the most efficient and impossible to hack, because we keep your encrypted data out of the cloud. The optical file system Glifstock can be contracted with a single payment for a minimum period of five years, and from there you can renew for the lustrums you want. Each robotic closet of Glifstock is capable of storing 1000 TB, and the glyphs stored in ultradense optical media can NOT be erased or manipulated.

Currently in Glifstock we have the safest way to store digital data that exists. We are completely unaware of the content of the glyphs, something that:

  • Guarantees the privacy of customer data
  • Prevents any type of marketing with data and information, which unfortunately does occur with some cloud services.      We are simply the custodians of your digital life.