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Protect an essential asset of your company: the information


Although the company has traditionally considered only its tangible assets as assets, technology has encouraged the addition of intangibles and with them the need to protect and value them as much (or more) than materials.

In this way, aspects such as business knowledge, customer portfolio, rates and even reputation or intellectual property, are part of the company's information and, therefore, one of the most important assets in the organization, regardless of its size. So much that it would be a mistake to believe that a small company does not need to protect that data.

It is easy to visualize it if we think, for example, that the strategic growth plans of the business, the confidential information of the clients, or everything that allows us to position ourselves in the market and in front of the competition are lost (or stolen).

As analyzed by the National Institute of Cybersecurity, under the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, one of the most common mistakes in Spanish organizations is "do not make backup copies with the really important information." To correct this error, INCIBE recommends having "an up-to-date backup of the information, at least the most critical one, verifying that we know where it is and that we can recover it".

The market offers you different options for archiving those data that are so important to you, but from Glifstock we want to remind you that we can help you with the most novel, complete and secure: a long-term, offline and unlimited storage solution, thanks to the glyphs that we put at your disposal. A product that is also traceable and is outside the online or virtual circuit, guarded in our warehouses (ultra safe and anonymous), for as long as you want. Of course, indexed, so that at all times you have access to your list of files (glyphs), you can search, and retrieve the one you need.

These are just some of the advantages of entrusting us with the custody of your information, absolutely encrypted and illegible for someone who is not you (or that person to whom you have decided to provide your password). If you want us to give you more details, contact and start improving the security of your best assets!.