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When your most valuable data had gotten lost or hacked, do not say we did not warn you!


The continuous cyber attacks, security breaches, lack of organization and even the bad business management of some cloud services that lead them to disappear (along with your data), could stop worrying if you decided for Glyphstock.

We can safeguard all your digital life -documents, photos, plans, projects, analytics, accounting, patents, qualifications ... - and without more complications than an App developed for your absolute comfort and safety.

Let us explain what we can do for all the information you value most.

What does the Glyphstock App do?

Basically, it allows you to create the basis of our products and services: folders in which you can group the data to be saved. The cricket in question is identified by a graphic cover of your choice (a photo, images, logos ...) and a title that facilitates the recognition of content (tax, master, photos, birthdays, testaments, writing ...) .. The App generates a catalog with all the files, which acts as an index of your digital information.

Remember that the user can encrypt their data with industry encryption standards, guaranteeing confidentiality. Now your work with the application is almost over, since it is this one that is responsible for packaging, encrypting and transporting the data to the Glyphstock optical file. Of course, you can continue using it to request a physical copy of the stored data that you have generated, and that we will send you by mail to the address you indicate. With this copy recorded in an MDisc, each client has direct control over their data, but with the added bonus of decades of robotic offline storage: there they are guarded, safe from cyber threats and many other types.

What is the Glyphstock optical file service?

It is a cold storage system where your folders are guarded for a minimum period of five years that you contract with a single payment, although you can access them by requesting a recovery with the App. Your location outside the online circuit ensures that they are not within reach of hackers, and their robotization minimizes human intervention.

Each automated Glyphstock closet is capable of storing 1000 TB (Thousand Terabyte) or what is the same: a Petabyte of data. And all this with a rather low energy cost. Proportionally, cold storage consumes 97% less than a file on hard drives and for every 3TB of data stored with our system, 5,263.76 tons of CO2 are no longer emitted: 10 years of storing 3TB is approximately 358,218.8 kWh of emissions that we save the atmosphere. We are very green! But above all, very safe.

Stay calm @

The folders that you create with our App can NOT be deleted and you can not manipulate the information recorded in the "ultra-dense" optical media that is sent to long-term storage.

Glyphstock does NOT know the content (which is also encrypted at source before going into robotic custody) and you have total privacy guarantee on the data saved offline.

...And of course we do NOT trade data, as it does with some cloud services. Quite simply, we offer you custody of that vast amount of information that is already known as digital life.