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After presenting the Personal Income Tax ... remember how and what data to save


We are already in full campaign to render accounts with the Treasury and provide all those documents that justify the past 2016. Although the compilation is more or less organized, what do we do next with the papers?

There are those of the carefree type who, once presented the statement, put everything in some place difficult to remember or even throw it away... and who neatly archive each and every one of the justifications, well identified and located. The former may face problems in the future, and the latter may simply accumulate folios and folders. Are all these important data safeguarded? In Glifstock we have the ideal solution.

You just have to keep reading...

What to keep?:

You should know that by fiscal regulations it is obligatory to keep "the supporting documents and documents of the operations, income, expenses, income, reductions and deductions of any kind" that must be included in the declaration during the maximum period of limitation, and to contribute them together with the Tax returns when so established. Also to "exhibit them before the competent organs of the tax administration, when they are required for that purpose".

During how much time?:

The statute of limitations is usually four years, which will start counting when the voluntary period to submit the declaration ends. If we had to present a complementary declaration, request a rectification or received a notification from the Tax Agency for any revision, that prescriptive period is interrupted... and they begin again to count the four years.

How and where do we keep a really safe copy?:

With Glifstock, in our exclusive storage system that adds an offline, encrypted, ultra-secure alternative to the cloud, and for as long as you want.

After the digitalization of the documents and subsequent processing, your files will be recorded on an optical disc that no one can manipulate or alter.

You can recover your virtual papers whenever you want or need and you will have the guarantee that they are safe in case of any theft, loss or incident.

You will pay only once and we will keep your data for all those years that the Treasury demands... and much more. We can not save the originals for you, but keep the digital replicas in the safest backup of the moment. Safe from hackers, sinister, manipulations... and with clouds, the just ones.