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Ransomware is here to stay ...


... but we can help you avoid the impact of ramsomware attacks with Glyphstock's advice on data security and discover the differences between a backup and a digital file.

The voice of alarm jumped in 2013. It began to warn seriously about its risks in 2014. A year later it was still present especially in post and specialized media. In 2016 it began to be on everyone's lips, but no doubt 217 has been the year in which ransomware has come not only to join our cybervoice ... also to stay. And in such a way, that is already considered the main threat to cybersecurity.

Europol itself (the European Police Office) calls it an 'epidemic' able to eclipse cybercrime modalities such as credit card fraud or data breaches. The European body figures in 2,000 million cases of Union citizens affected by a malware attack in just 12 months, and warns about the "growing sophistication in the community of co-criminals" as well as the union of his forces "to offer cybercrime services with which to obtain illegal income"_.

How does it work?

A ransomware attack basically consists in leaving the control of the infected computer in the hands of the hacker, which can thus encrypt and "hijack" the information, returning it to us in exchange for a ransom. Of course, using a virtual currency or cryptocurrency, mainly bitcoin and to a lesser extent others such as Litecoin or Ripple to name a few.

The real danger of these viruses are their constant mutations and variants, with a faster evolution than the antivirus to cope with. But factors such as the lack of protection in terms of security solutions also influence, a real problem for 63% of companies that do not yet have them.

How ​​can we help you?

Beyond how reactions to a ransomware attack situation, whether preemptively or reactive to data recovery, is something that IT experts can advise you on extensively, external backup copies of all your files can avoid bigger evils. And if you are thinking about the safest formula, our alternative is the most complete, effective and innovative in the market.

In Glyphstock we have developed an innovative information storage system that can avoid the loss of data because thanks to a robotic system, it transports and saves them encrypted in an optical disc, making them unforgettable, offline and for as long as it is necessary, no matter how long. We offer the highest level of security in four simple phases: data collection, encryption, storage and retrieval. And all with a comfortable, intuitive and ultra-secure app.