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Record Keeping Deadlines Set by the Law


We generate information that we must keep for a certain period of time. Do you know how long you have to keep the bills for finance, the payroll of your company or the clinical documentation?

For information purposes, we will comment on several assumptions.

In general, for example, the Spanish General Tax Law establishes, for companies as well as the general limitation period of 4 years, in order to determine the timely settlement of the tax debt, demanding payment. Also the taxpayers have 4 years to request the return of their taxes.

The Commercial Code indicates that the documentation that affects the tax area of ​​the companies have been kept for 6 years. The statute of limitations for the verification of the negative tax bases and deductions is 10 years from the end of the term of presentation of the statement in which they were generated.

The limitation period for the years in which they have been generated, which have been ten years, the last year in which they have been applied and has been prescribed.

There is also documentation that must be preserved beyond the four, six or even ten years indicated above. In the case of a company that can amortize the expenses and the assets and the burden, the expenses in the account of future results, can be checked by the inspection of the sale of this right. For invoices and vouchers the computerized prescription period from the exercise of the last amortization made. The same applies to expenses and income that are charged to various years in the profit and loss account.

Account auditors and account auditing companies must keep and safeguard for a period of five years. of the auditor that constitutes the evidence and the support of the conclusions that appear in the report.

Law 10/2010 of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, establishes that the obligated parties shall keep the documentation formalizing compliance with the obligations established in this document for a minimum period of ten years.

The health centers have the obligation to preserve the clinical documentation under conditions that guarantee their correct maintenance and safety, although not necessarily in the original support, for the patient's assistance during the appropriate time for each case and, at least, five years counted. the date of discharge of each healthcare process.

The hotel industry must keep the registry books over the years at the disposal of the Security Forces.

The information generated a long time ago, as p.e. The deeds of sale / purchase of shares / shares, sale of real estate, long-term contracts, children's immunization record, etc., it is advisable to preserve indefinitely in a safe and indelible way.

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