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Interview with Franz Löhnert CEO of GLYPHSTOCK


What is Glyphstock and who is Franz Löhnert? We tell you who we are, what we do and why we want to safeguard your data in this interview with our CEO.

Now you will know us as Glyphstock: much more than the evolution of our brand and corporate image. A commitment to internationalization and quality.

Ready, Set, Go!. In recent months we have focused on evolving our brand, product and services, and now we are able to introduce Glyphstock and continue to meet the storage, custody and security needs of documents, data and information of our customers. We have updated our business model and incorporated all the improvements required by the current and complicated digital scenario. We move forward to regulations such as the imminent General Regulation of European Data Protection, we implement improvements in the Glyphstock app, we renew our website... and many other things. The why, how and when we tell you in this interview to the CEO of our firm, Franz Löhnert.

Glyphstock: What were the reasons for this brand and image renewal?

FL: After two years of technical development we saw ourselves wanting to also address a rethinking of the brand with which we want to position ourselves globally. The truth is that the previous one did not give us the internationalization we were looking for. There was also the theme of iconography and our logo, which we detected that did not represent us correctly. We really wanted a change, so after a brainstorm exercise (or several...) and hiring the agencies involved, we resolved the internationalization of our seal with the name of Glyphstock and the evolution of the logo. In any case Glyphstock maintains the concept of glyphs as a long-term element and symbol of resilience, which are two of our essential characteristics.

Glyphstock: So the main changes and objectives are?...

FL: Well, there have been very extensive changes in the web platform and in the application. All of them have been developed due to our growth in data and the adaptation to ISO standards implemented and audited. Especially the ISO 27001 of Information Security Management Systems, has led us to rethink many aspects of the security of our platform and to make it, with these changes, more impenetrable and secure if possible. The goal is for the Glyphstock app to be distributed internationally as a reference for data storage security.

Glyphstock: What is clear is that internationalization is a decided bet

FL: Of course! We have the capacity to absorb a lot of market. Europe requires a very international mentality to be able to cover all its markets, with its different languages, mentalities and demands. The international launch starts from Europe for us. The US and the Asian market are other pillars in which we are looking for local alliances to develop the launch.

Glyphstock: What can you ask this fall in terms of brand positioning and growth expectations?

FL: Above all we ask for time. We know how hard and long it takes to develop a product from scratch, where there was nothing before. Every day that we are closer to our goal, more work seems to be done. And it is no longer solved by adding more and more programmers to the team. It is solved more with ingenuity and time than with a checkbook. And as wit we have plenty, we ask for more time to fall. Time to position ourselves and develop growth.

We believe that now, more than ever, it is worth betting on our firm, both for the security it provides and for the peace of mind that Glyphstock keeps the data entrusted to it in strict compliance with IT security and quality in service, audited these years by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification). We are the first optical data storage service that guarantees the irretrievability and inviolability of the data entrusted to us. You should know that optical storage is the only one that guarantees a deposit beyond the retention time of hard drives and magnetic media in general. All this combined with the maximum privacy, archive and offline custody of the data, which keeps them safe from deletion and manipulation. What are you waiting to try it and 'shield' against errors, attacks and misleading your data ?.