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Are your vital data in danger with Cloud Computing?


After that headline, certainly striking, we have found one of the most interesting news of the last weeks in terms of the security of our digital information.

The firm the B2B content marketing expert specializing in social networks and IT, Paul Gillin.

The article, which you can read at reflects on how in the era of and SaaS cloud (Software-as-a-Service) data protection - priority number one of IT organizations, says Gillin - is less and less in the hands of them. And that according to IDG Research, "6 out of 10 organizations have experienced an incident of SaaS data loss in the last 12 months, in most cases as a result of human error".

But, what is the most striking the expert's attention?, what is left vital data in the hands of third parties?... no. Not much less. Only data recovery is not always feasible when needed and not always adequately protected.

At Glyphstock we believe that the global Internet network, cloud services and cloud storage have revolutionized the industry and commerce of this century. It depends on us that in the next one we can access the data currently created and that technical or human errors should not be a reason to lose the generated business intelligence.

The technology of indelible supports and the methods of encryption, helps us to conserve over time the information (business or personal) and keep our digital data file safe and private. Cloud gives us the advantage of being able to instantly share information... but when it comes to preserving data and ensuring its continuity over time, optical cold storage gives us the optimal solution for safe and long-term storage. And its hybrid use, will ensure the continuity of the data, so discover how Glyphstock is the perfect complement to preserve your most valuable information.