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Cost of data breach 2017 report


The Cost of data breach 2017 report includes the developer section Impact of business continuity that shows the path of the cutting-edge trend in this sector

In case anyone has any doubts about the impact of data loss on the functioning and health of the business environment, we attach the access that IBM offers on its website to Ponemon's study: 2017 Cost of data breach study We find the other side of the coin even more interesting, more positive and less hackneyed. They also carry out an extension of the study: 2017 Cost of data breach study: Impact of business continuity management.

We invite you to read carefully both parts of the report, but here we highlight what seems more conclusive:

The study was conducted analyzing data losses in 419 companies corresponding to 17 different industries in 11 countries and notes that the economic losses for this reason were close to 4 million dollars. What is really significant is that the size of the gap had increased 1.8% since the previous year's study.

The report explains that the study does not consider loss of data as high value information that constitutes the main assets, intellectual property, confidential information, etc... only customer data. If they included it, the economic losses would be much higher for the company. In addition, it highlights two main reasons that encourage companies to search for the most effective systems in terms of security in the storage and protection of sensitive data: cyber attacks and the need to comply with the law.

Finally, they elaborate a compendium of the benefits of having a data continuity policy (Business Continuity Management BCM). It contains nine points and does not take into account or recommend any particular solution.

Yes, it is important that we are able to identify the loss of data and implement the resources detailed in the report to minimize the impact of the report and be able to react with agility, but it would be much better to avoid such loss... To do so, Glyphstock proposes that all let's use the cloud services for which they were created and look for a definitive data storage solution that guarantees, in an active and efficient way, the long-awaited data continuity of the company.

Glyphstock presents a new long-term offline data storage system (optical disc), scalable and able to cover the needs of companies and individuals in terms of custody of digital files. It is a solution based on a fully certified and patent-pending robotic system.