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Optical media, durability between 50 and 1000 years. Someone gives more?


"Everything looks rosy on streaming platforms, it was never easier to access all kinds of content anywhere, anytime, you only need a screen and an internet connection, and the world of entertainment is yours."

That's what Blu-ray collectors are trying to make us understand. The format has not managed to cope with the push of Netflix and its competitors, but those who buy these discs almost compulsively do so to protect those contents, not only to enjoy them. This way, they avoid that when the streaming streaming service eliminates that movie or series from its catalog they can not see it again.

These are the first lines of the post that has resulted very interesting, it seems that not only laws, hackers and thinkers push the world to use technology to preserve offline digital content, valuable data, but there are many niches that resist being at the mercy of the comings and goings of the online world.

The bluray and to a lesser extent the DVD, I take those niches because the producers have used them as an offline option to market the contents and, to preserve, we invite moviegoers and other digital content collectors (for hobby or for professional reasons) to review the following comparative table of media durability for the storage of digital contents published in a Panasonic white paper.

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