They Already Trust Us


Nov. 24, 2017

"Glyphstock gives us just what we need to continue developing our business and that safeguarding our Big Data does not represent a stumbling block, but an asset". Mauricio Socías, CEO of MallorcaWiFi.

Wiongo/Mallorca WiFi is a leading enterprise, highly specialized after more than 16 years of experience in the evolution, management and operation of wireless networks. It currently integrates contextual mobile digital marketing services with the clear objective of leading the digital transformation market and turning tourist destinations into Smart Destinations.

The CEO of Europe's largest Wi-Fi network management company, Mauricio Socías, was looking for "a cost-effective solution that would comply with all the premises of current regulations and safeguard the enormous volume of data that is generated in a secure, reliable, stable and above all expandable data archiving system. We have a data storage that has around 5000 million lines of data from our seasonal Wi-Fi networks and traditional Cloud systems cannot provide us with a sustainable long-term solution". That's why Mallorca WiFi chose Glyphstock, a solution that provides not only the necessary but the most comprehensive service on the market for managing their archive.