They Already Trust Us

Fisac Aviation

Nov. 8, 2017

"If we fly wherever the customer needs us ... how could we not save the information about the projects and proceedings with the safest system in the market?" Miguel Fisac (Aeronautical Engineer / CEO Fisac Aviation).

Since 1995, when Fisac Aviation began to provide services to Garmin operators (a developer and manufacturer of GPS for land, naval and air traffic), aircraft systems have evolved and their needs as well. Supports such as the Airborne Product Support that sends specialized technicians to the exact place where an aircraft system requires it, highlight the concern of Fisac Aviation to improve the quality of their customers' experience. In the words of Miguel Fisac "not so long ago the only option for a broken avionic was to dismantle it and send it to the United States to be repaired ... now our company is able to perform a repairing and maintenance service wherever the plane is".

The commitment to continuous service improvement, especially in a sector where security is the gold standard, is the real inspirer of Fisac Aviation's trust in Glyphstock for their data storage: "It makes no sense for us to ask our clients what they are looking for to increase the security of their plane, how much they are willing to invest in upgrading the avionics equipment, etc. if we are not able to give them the best answers and services. That includes protecting and maintaining their data, providing them precise assistance, the material needed or the specific characteristics of the intervention".

And all this with the advantages of the long-term archiving system in Glyphstock's optical support: the data cannot be erased or manipulated. At Fisac Aviation they know that the information of their clients and projects (their authentic business intelligence) are safe even from computer sabotage. "Aviation would not be understood without the absolute confidence that everything is well done".