They Already Trust Us

Dula Concord

Nov. 8, 2017

"To trust in Glyphstock brings added value to our customers and a lot of security to our firm." Daniel Riederer (Civil Enginneer / CEO of Dula Concord).

The Parador Nacional of Cáceres and Segovia (a spanish hotel chain), the Aragonia shopping centre in Zaragoza, the Puerta de América hotel in Madrid or the Architects college of Alicante are just some of the projects where we can find the Dula Concord's work. Experts in lighting and ceilings have thousands of work examples in their portfolio, that have been developed over more than four decades. Each one of them has different drawings, images, contracts, technical sheets and documents of diverse nature. 

Daniel Riederer speaks about it “You do not realize the importance of the smallest data in a great project until you do not find it. For this reason and many others, Dula Concord has relied on Glyphstock for the archiving, storage and custody of all the information that makes our work unique”.

The high level of quality, professionalism and love for detail has made Dula Concord achieve an excellent reputation, placing them at the forefront of the lighting and metal roofs market. For this reason, they could not aspire for less when it comes to preserving their data. Glyphstock "is the custodian of everything that we have invested so many hours in and that we will keep unalterable forever. For us it is tranquillity. For our clients, a commitment to their project and the records that will allow us to preserve it unalterable".