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Data storage for Business

In the digital era, the challenge is managing the documents and the long-term data storage for companies that are constantly generating data. The information gathered by the companies requires reliable ways of storage that will guarantee the inviolability and security for as long as it is mandatory to save the information. As we know, government agencies require companies to comply with resilience and privacy measures. Glyphstock anticipates the future and puts itself in the shoes of IT managers of large companies, whose job is to preserve their company's files inviolable and avoid any data loss. Thus, Glyphstock has created a robotic system for long term offline storage, which main objective is preserving your data forever.

Glyphstock is

Offline Data Storage for Enterprises

The best business data protection, without power consumption, without moving parts, beyond the reach of hackers, without possibility of being damaged or modified. Forget about data loss.

Long term

Stop worrying about data loss or insufficient onsite storage space. Glyphstock can preserve your data through a fully certified system and the offline safest industry level for as many decades as required. 


Our clients add a key to encrypt their files and become the only ones able to read and retrieve them.
At your choice, we can also manage your password for you, if so instructed.


Glyphstock archives your data on optical media. At your choice, we can also keep two copies in different geolocations for added security (3-2-1 security strategy) or send you additional copies.


Our optical warehouse guarantees that the data cannot be manipulated and are indelible. Glyphstock follows the WORM (Write Once, Read Many) security concept to ensure that no computer sabotage can either alter or erase company information.

Tamper proof

Data stored on optical media cannot be tampered. So once once the information has been saved, it cannot be changed or modified.


We offer a layer of security far superior to the one used in the cloud and other cold storage systems. Glyphstock's services have been evaluated and certified by EU authorities at ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14641-1:2015 and ISO 27001:2014, which guarantees the highest quality and safety standards in digital data.


Your data is stored on optical discs dedicated exclusively to your company (no disc space sharing with anybody else's data).

Our process

It all begins when we close a meeting to take a customers briefing and prepare a proposal adapted to your needs, answer your questions, explain everything in depth, perform a demo in real time and organize a guided tour through our data center. Glyphstock analyzes each case in an individualized way and, therefore, sometimes proposes a gradual migration of the current system of archiving of the company to the Glyphstock solution. If the customer wishes it, we can start with a test phase and then use the Glyphstock solution for the files of the different areas of the company. Glyphstock does not impose exclusivity. If the customer wants it, he can continue with his usual file system as long as he wants to.

After detailed analysis of the needs of each company, Glyphstock prepares a budget

The heart of the service is the Robotized Optical Media Archive developed by Glyphstock. These data storage cabinets house high-density optical media, which host the data to be preserved by the Glyphstock Service. The process of recording, offline storage and data recovery is automated, which reduces human interference. The Glyphstock service computer process begins when the App communicates with the Glyphstock internal API (programming interface) to transport the data from the company to the physical facilities of Glyphstock. They also manage the catalog of stored files and the contracted duration of the storage for each set of data file created in the warehouse.

All communication from the Customer to the Optical Robotic File API is performed using encrypted data transport channels. Glyphstock offers the customized automated integration of its service into the company's computer processes, through access of existing programs in the companies to the warehouse API

In this way, many data can be captured and stored automatically, to comply with data compliance procedures. And whenever needed, the customer can request a copy of the stored data.


  • Access to the API for the adaptation and programming of the Glyphstock service to the needs of the internal processes of the company.
  • Special discounts by volume of data.
  • Training for users, face-to-face or remote.
  • Automatic replication service.
  • Adaptation of storage to particular legal requirements, by branch of activity and / or national legislative framework. Regular shipment of disc remittances or any other hardware of your choice.
  • It is possible to create sub-users, for example one by department of the company in case it is preferred to decentralize the file management in Glyphstock.
  • Installation and maintenance of robotic hardware for the exclusive use of the company.
  • In case of non-renewal of the service, Glyphstock sends you the optical medium that saves your data to the email address that appears as contact or to a new one that you communicate us in writing.
  • The optical disc stored in Glyphstock with your data is exclusively yours and you do not share it with anyone.